Nepal at a Glance
Nepal... with rich ancient cultures set against the most dramatic scenery in the world is a land of discovery and unique experience. For broad minded individuals who value an experience that is authentic and mesmerizing, Nepal is the ideal destination.

Nepal is blessed with one of the richest cultures in the world. It is a land of colorful cultures, ancient history and people and superb scenery! The peaceful coexistence of multi-ethnic groups with their multi-religious beliefs, cultures, languages and life-styles is one of the most fascinating aspects of Nepal. Nepal's strong Hindu and Buddhist influence make it an immensely spiritual place, having long been a place of pilgrimage for devotees from Tibet and India.

For many, Nepal's greatest attraction is its people. The traditions and famous hospitality of its many different groups are indeed a major part of what makes Nepal so special. From remote mountain villages to medieval hill-towns and the ancient cities of the Kathmandu Valley, the people of Nepal are always welcoming. Simplicity and hospitality is the characteristic of Nepali people.

Traveling in Nepal offers much more than superb mountain scenery. It provides an opportunity to meet people who live free of competitions and complications and see the human happiness without amenities furnished by modern civilization. Nepalese do not have much, but value what they have and stay contained and happy!

Nepal at a Glance

Area : 147,181 sq. km

Geography : Situated between China in the north and India in the south.

Capital : Kathmandu

Population : 30 Million

Language : Nepali is the national language. However travel-trade people understand and speak English as well.

People : Nepal has more than 125 ethnic groups and 123 spoken languages.

Currency : Nepalese Rupee (approximately US$ 1 equals Nepalese Rupeese 110 as of 2018)

Political System : Federal Democratic Republic.

Religion : Nepal is a secular state with predominance of Buddhist & Hindu population.

Climate : Nepal has four major seasons, namely,

(1) Winter: December-February,

(2) Spring: March - May,

(3) Summer: June - August

(4) Autumn: September - November
Nepal at a Glance
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