Safety & Wellbeing
Health: All our guests need to be in good physical health in order to participate fully and enjoy the trip. We recommend that you consult your doctor and carry a first aid kit as well as any personal medical requirements (including a spare pair of glasses) as they may not easily be obtained at the locations on this trip. When selecting your trip please make sure you have read through the itinerary carefully and assess your ability especially in trekking holidays. Please note that your group leader or local guide has the authority to amend or cancel any part of the trip itinerary if it's deemed necessary due to safety concerns.

Safety: We take every single safety measure while operating trips. But, above all, your behaviors are very important. We urge you to consider following safety guidelines.  
  • Seriously follow the safety guidelines suggested by your group leader or local guide.
  • Use of a neck wallet or money belt while travelling, for the safe-keeping of your passport, air tickets, cash and other valuable items. 
  •  Leave your valuable jewellery at home - you won't need it while travelling. Many of our hotels have safety deposit boxes, which is the most secure way of storing your valuables. A lock is recommended for securing your luggage.
  • Use your own good judgment when selecting an activity in your free time. There is always your group leader or local guide for suggestions.
  • Eat and drink safely. Drink only bottled or boiled water and do not eat from street vendors. Your group leader or local guide will suggest you the appropriate restaurants.
  • Stay hydrated and use sunscreen with an SPF of at least 15 (higher if you are over 2000 meters), wear protective clothing, and seek shade during the hottest time of day.
  • Very cold temperatures can be dangerous. Dress in layers and cover heads, hands, and feet properly if you are visiting a cold location.
  • Reduce your exposure to germs. Wash your hands often, especially before eating.
  • Be careful while crossing the road. Use sidewalks and marked crosswalks wherever available.
  •  Stay away from animals. Do not touch or feed any animals you do not know.
Travel insurance: We strongly recommend the purchase of comprehensive travel insurance that provides coverage for trip cancellation and interruption, travel delays, loss of baggage and travel documents, baggage delay, medical expenses and emergency assistance.
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