Visa Information
To enter Tibet from Nepal, you must get your Tibet group visa from the Chinese embassy in Kathmandu. Whether you already have a Chinese visa or not, a Tibet group visa is compulsory for all tourists entering Tibet from Nepal.
We apply your Tibet Travel Permit and Tibet Group visa in Chinese Embassy, Kathmandu on your behalf. Your presence at the Embassy is not required; our company will be guarantor for you. We collect your original passport upon your arrival in Kathmandu to apply the visa, but you have to email your copy of passport to us one month in advance for TTB (Tibet Travel Bureau).

The Tibet group visa is valid in mainland China too. After finishing tour in Tibet, you can travel to mainland China with the same group visa. But you have to inform us in advance that how long you want to Travel in mainland China, so that we can apply for Tibet group visa accordingly.

Do not apply for an individual Chinese visa in your country if you decided to enter Tibet from Nepal, because when you apply for the group visa for entering Tibet, the Chinese embassy will cancel your individual Chinese visa.
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