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Robert Flagler, Minnesota, USA
I have used Happy Feet Travel's services several times. They are very professional and knowledgeable about everything. They have given me excellent service and experiences.
Roger Moore, Norfolk, England
I've travelled to many countries in the world, but without a shadow of a doubt, Nepal is the one country that has left its mark on me forever. From the moment you step off the plane, you will realise that you are in a country like no other.

I am not what you would call a super fit person, but I opted for the Everest base camp trek. It is the most rewarding thing I've ever done. Do not be put off attempting any of these journeys, just because you can't run a marathon.

A couple  of unforgettable weeks later, I found myself sitting on the summit of Kalapathar  looking down onto Everest base camp and up to the summit of Everest. I could hardly take in the beauty and the remoteness of where I was.

The staff and all the Nepali people I met on my journey could not of been more helpful and genuine. They left me feeling very humble. If you are in any doubt, I can't emphasise enough how Nepal is an absolute must on your travel itinerary. You won't be disappointed.
“With Happy Feet I was treated to treks that I will cherish the rest of my life. An exceptional travel company second to none that kept prices affordable. Every detail was well planned out and there fore I never had to worry about anything. From the owner to the sherpas and porters everyone was very friendly and always did that little extra for the trekkers. I trekked in 2013 and 2014 for the month of October each year. In 2014 I separated my Rt. shoulder just before I was to leave for Nepal and instead of me canceling my trip the company offered to have a sherpa carry my daypack for the duration of the trek. I would gladly recommend using Happy Feet to anyone.”
“The trek was above and beyond all expectations.”
“Happy Feet - a company you can trust where we are met with hearts of gold, people who will always greet you with a smile and go the extra mile for you. They are organized, trust worthy and skilled at what they offer. After 4 trips with them they have been a big part of my Nepal experiences and I will continue to return and recommend them.”
“As an all-women expedition team shooting a documentary about female climbers, we had BIG goals of sponsoring a local climbing Sherpa and coordinating technical climbs of Island Peak and Ama Dablam. The team at Happy Feet were thorough, skilled and highly engaged partners on the ground. They provided incredible support and made our dreams a reality!”
Happy Feet explained that there are some dates when entry to Tibet is simply not allowed. Having been made aware of this we avoided those dates and left everything to Happy Feet. We had an amazing tour in Tibet tailored to our needs.”
Nepal….do not miss visiting this amazing country.  Full of beautiful, friendly people and the most stunning mountains you will ever come across on this planet. I have been privileged to visit Nepal twice under the expert and caring arrangements of Happy Feet Travel, a locally based company in Kathmandu.

I would also like to thank Happy Feet Travel for organizing amazing adventure to Bhutan. The Kingdom is largely untouched and with little influence from the western world, a country full of culture, history and nature. The flight into Paro is amazing!

Happy Feet Travel is the perfect company to arrange your personalised tailor-made holiday no matter how many people are in your travel party - pick your dates, locations, degree of difficulty. Whatever the experience is that you want in Nepal, just let them know.  All arrangements can be made via email from wherever you are located in the world.

Loren and Nancy Wondrasch, Minnesota, USA
Just a note to thank everyone at Happy Feet Travel for awesome experiences in Nepal!  The guides and staffs are wonderful people; very helpful, kind and attentive to the travelers’ needs, comfort and safety.  In Nepal we have travelled with Happy Feet four times: the Sherpa Villages, Everest Base Camp, Annapurna Circuit and Bhutan. These are trips of a lifetime, and the mountains keep drawing us back.  We whole heartedly recommend Happy Feet Travel to all our family and friends.  

Thank you to everyone at Happy Feet.

Last Autumn I did my first trek and visit to Nepal with Happy Feet and Dave Gluns. I live in Ottawa, Ontario and our biggest “summit” is 300 meters so I was anxious and felt ill prepared for the Peekye Trek. From the moment we stepped off the plane in Kathmandu we were welcomed and treated like Royalty by Happy Feet and their staff. The trek I cannot describe adequately, it was the most challenging and rewarding thing I have ever done. The views were spectacular and the Sherpa’s were very knowledgeable and willing to enlighten us along the way while they supported our trek and made it extremely enjoyable.

The worse day was the last as I was saddened the trek was over and I would miss the Happy Feet staff and Sherpa’s I had grown so fond of. After we returned to Kathmandu Happy Feet continued to be our resource and support while we vacationed in Phokra and until we said a sad goodbye at the airport. I would trek with Happy Feet every year if I could, (If Cupcake would let me :( ...) and am looking forward to my next journey so I can build on the incredible memories of this journey. This was the BEST time of my life.

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